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Our industry leading commercial team are passionate about the exciting developments in mass timber industry and view being at the forefront of this expansion is a privilege!

The construction project management team at Timmerman is composed of highly skilled and respected heavy timber specialists who understand the intricacies of developing and implementing complex, multi-phased projects.  From inception to completion, we work closely with every member of the project team to develop effective communication as well as establish clear roles and expectations.

Comm Services


Our Project Management team coordinates and manages all aspects of projects we're involved in.  With expertise and experience in both construction design and development, we can provide a range of services to our clients depending on their needs.  These include but are not limited to:

  • Administering contracts.

  • Monitoring the design and development progress.

  • Providing counsel on budgeting and scheduling.

  • Overseeing quality assurance activities.

  • Providing regular project updates.

  • Reviewing and evaluating schedules, invoices, change orders, and documents.

  • Offering recommendations and solutions when issues arise.

  • Monitoring all on-site activities.


The Timmerman Design & Engineering team provides consultation and full design services for projects producing everything from conceptual models & renders to full scale drawings.  Our expertise at incorporating heavy timber and engineered wood into a design has brought us to the forefront of the industry and we enjoy the challenges that every design entails.


The commercial build & installation team is based on project criteria and  we ensure the installation crew is suited to the needs of the project.   


Wood Products


Pile of Logs

Mass Timber

Heavy Timber - Solid Sawn. 


Comes from mature trees such as white pine, douglas fir and varying other species.  It can provide structural strength and aesthetics to buildings and is a green renewable resource.

Pan Am Joinery.jpg

Glue-Laminated Timber


Glulam beams are an engineered wood product that can be made into any shape or size.  It's versatility, durability and strength has made it popular in commercial settings.

Edited Image 2016-02-09 18-21-55

Cross-Laminated Timber

CLT is a wood panel product typically used for walls, roofs or floors.  The panels are fabricated by layering dimensional lumber  in a "cross" pattern using glue as the adhesive.  Size and thickness vary based on design specifications.


Nail Laminated Timber


NLT is a wood panel product used in industrial settings for walls, roofs and /or floors 

It is fabricated by stacking dimensional lumber on edge and nailing in an engineered pattern.  Finishes vary based on design specifications.

Timmerman Timberworks manufactures and ships to site.

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